Our Service Delivery

Secure and reliable Internet
Global connectivity
We support communication systems ranging from static, mobile and marine.
We also provide satellite sales assistance which include; VSAT Terminals and Components
                                                                                  Fixed and Mobile Satellite Parts
                                                                                  Bandwidth Management tools
VSAT technology which represents a cost effective solution for users seeking an independent communications network connecting a number of remote sites.
VSAT networks which offer value-added satellite-based services capable of supporting the Internet, data, LAN, voice/fax communications, and can provide powerful, dependable private and public network communications.
VSAT satellite communication which provides reliable digital data communication and the ability to expand capacity and system growth, while maintaining a handle on costs which are closely associated with the increase in capacity or system growth.

Services Include;

  • Installation and ground support of VSAT systems
  • Meshed corporate networks
  • Internet provision
  • VSAT internet solutions
  • Data communication solutions on fibre optic
  • Maintenance of VSAT Hub centres
  • IP integration and BGP maintenance
  • Point 2 Point data links
  • VoIP Solutions
  • IT consultancy

Our Customer Service;

  • Friendly
  • Knowledgeable
  • Professional